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Audition Tips from Kirk Baltz, Acting Coach in Los Angeles

Beware of an acting coach that says you must be in New York or Los Angeles in order to do good work. The best acting coach is one who understands that it’s the quality of the work, the craft itself, that counts. Private acting instruction, of course, is about helping actor’s develop a deep skill set. However, acting is a challenging field and an experienced acting coach will be about helping the actor do what they can to “create their own work.” This means doing everything they can, wherever they are, to create opportunities to develop their craft.

A talented, experienced acting coach guides each actor into finding a technique, a way of working that is highly personal and successful. They will give an actor the tools they need to work on their skill set every day. For example, the Meisner technique can help an actor create a foundation based on the use of “emotionally truthful” imaginary circumstances. How the actor goes about developing that library of emotional responses, however, will be unique. For performances to be authentic the actor must find their own way of working, and they must work all the time.

Adding layers of “what if” scenarios is one way of creating a deep pool of imagined reactions, both emotional and physical that a character requires.

acting coach in los angeles

acting coach in los angeles

The more deeply these responses are ingrained and the more quickly and actor can access them, the more truthful the performance. This skill is especially helpful during the audition phase, when there is usually little time to analyze the character or to understand the larger context of the story. This is nearly impossible to do working alone and acting workshops can go a long way in helping the actor understand the subtleties of the craft.

The craft of acting requires the artist to generate buzz during an audition or performance. Private acting instruction can help an actor develop an in-depth reservoir of imagined emotional impulses that will help them react to the other actors in a scene in a very edgy, realistic way moment by moment. Even an actor working solo in a scene is reacting to “someone,” someone in their past, someone about to enter their present, or perhaps just an observer off camera. The nuances involved in doing this cannot be done by working alone.

An effective acting coach also works hard to keep the actor on track when it comes to commitment. An actor who is not prepared to make a quick decision about how to deliver a line, believe in it and commit to it will come off as false. Developing a strong sense of commitment to an action or emotion is important but, so is the actor’s commitment to the craft. Even the best actors are not working all the time. Acting requires a great deal of commitment to the art itself. A great acting coach that can help one develop this, to keep at it, is an invaluable asset.

Acting Coach in Los Angeles

And finally, private acting instruction helps an actor be ready to got out, at any time, be “audition ready,” and nail it, regardless of the circumstances-one of the most valuable tools an actor can have. Even if the part doesn’t click, a memorable, unique audition that helps the director and producers envision the part in a way they might not have envisioned. It will also plant you firmly in their minds if not for this role, then for the next time, when the role might be a perfect match. Find an acting coach that is committed to this as you are and you will be that much closer to reaching your artistic goals.

Kirk Baltz is a acting coach in los angeles. Kirk helps actors of all levels. For more information about classes at the studio, you can call the studio or send an email. To learn more about how an acting coach in los angeles can hep you improve your auditions, you watch this video: acting audition tips.

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