Active Imagination and Emotional Truth

When in search of an acting coach, or private acting instruction in Los Angeles, consider the basis of a coach’s fundamental training and experience. For instance, proven methods such as the Meisner acting method are important tools an acting coach should have a deep understanding of. Developed for theatre by Sanford Meisner, the technique’s mantra is “living truthfully out of imaginary circumstances.”  For decades this kind of training has helped actors find a way to access a deep pool of authentic emotional responses and a method of working that keeps performances spontaneous and authentic.
While truthful enough, techniques like the Meisner are not a magic solution to great acting. Our culture had changed considerably since many of the traditional methods were developed and so has our behavior. If an audience is to find a performance mesmerizing an actor must keep pace and develop a resource of emotional responses appropriate to the time period, especially if it is current. Finding an acting coach that understands this is critical. The best acting workshops will help each and every actor develop a core method grounded in proven techniques but, will also give them guidance in developing a completely personal approach that suits the individual.

The actors who have seriously studied their craft know that their imagination must always be working. If real events from the past are relevant to the circumstances and characteristics of the role, the “emotional truth” of an actor’s past experiences can be useful. Translated to the imaginative part of an actor’s pysche, the essence of the experience can be transformed into a source of completely realistic choices an actor can make during a performance. Finding private acting instruction is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this.

The most effective an acting coach helps each actor formulate a highly personal technique that they can work on every day. An actor must work constantly to find imaginary circumstances and build a library of “emotionally truthful” moments that they can draw from at will. A good private acting coach can help an actor take those imaginary circumstances and add layers upon layers of “what if’s.”  The more in-depth an actor’s reservoir of these imagined responses and emotions the more ready they will be to provide the kind of excitement all director’s are looking for. They can help an actor be prepared for each an every moment of performance, especially those involving other actors.

The investment in a private acting coach or an acting coach in Los Angeles is only worthwhile if the instruction is vibrant and creative and helps you stretch your skill set. An acting coach that pushes you beyond your comfort level without terrorizing or demeaning the actor is worth every cent. This kind of training carries calls for a great deal of  vulnerability but, the rewards will be work that any actor would be proud of.  Before hiring an an acting coach, do you homework-it will pay off in the long run and help you develop work you can be proud of.

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